Spectral Response Graph – Centronic EO

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  • Industry Standard Visible Light Detector (series E)
  • Eye Response Silicon Sensors (series E)
  • Blue and Ultraviolet Silicon Sensors (series 1)
  • UV Enhanced Detector (series 7)
  • Photometric and Photopic Silicon Sensors (series 5T)
  • High Speed Extended IR Response Sensors (series 3T)
  • High Speed 1064nm Pulse Sensors (series 4X)
  • Infra-red Silicon Sensors (series 3T)
  • General Purpose Silicon Sensors (series 0)
  • General Purpose Silicon Sensors (series 5T)

Centronic is based in Croydon (near London) and has more than 30 years experience in developing and manufacturing sensor solutions for measuring or detection of photonic and ionising radiation. The co...