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The GL OPTI SPHERE 1100 has been designed for the measurement of luminous flux and radiant power of LED luminaires and large LED modules, as well as other light sources compliant with the recommendations of the CIE Technical Committee published in the CIE 127:2007 Technical Report. The size of the sphere and the side-opening system facilitate the easy installation of a variety of light sources using additional adapters or holders, allowing full measurement flexibility. Conforming to CIE recommendations, front emitting diodes can be measured at the wall entrance in 2π geometry while other types of LEDs or other sources with wider emission are measured at the center of the sphere in 4π geometry. The sphere is made of a composite material which guarantees high durability and low weight. The entrance of the sphere is equipped with a specially designed 168mm entrance aperture which can be used for calibration purposes. Additional accessories can be installed as required by specific measurement scenarios. In order to obtain top measurement accuracy, the GL OPTI SPHERE 1100 has been equipped with an auxiliary light source to compensate for the self-absortion effect of the test LED.

GL Opti Sphere 1100 features

  • measurement of LEDs compliant with CIE 127:2007 and new CIE S025/E:2015
  • universal lamp post
  • geometry for front emitting diodes and other sources
  • universal ports for SMA fiber optics or direction connection
  • auxiliary light source for self-absorption compensation

Technical data

  • sphere inside diameter: 1100mm
  • entrance aperture diameter: 168mm
  • outside dimensions: 1200mm x 1125mm x 1800mm
  • spectral range: 300-1700nm
  • material (sphere/coating): composite/BaSO4
  • auxiliary light source: white LED
  • weight: 60 kg

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