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Luminous flux & radiant power measurements of LEDs

An automated, user-friendly substitute for determining the luminous flux and radiant power of LEDs and other small light sources is the GL OPTI SPHERE 205 small integrating sphere. Every measurement complies with the CIE Technical Committee’s suggestions, as stated in the CIE 127:2007 Technical Report.
The GL OPTI SPHERE’s clever design makes it possible to attach various adapters and measure a variety of light sources. Measurements of front-emitting diodes in 2π geometry at the wall entrance are compliant with CIE standards. It is recommended to test other kinds of LEDs using 4π geometry at the sphere’s center. Set up the system according to your application’s specifications.

Flexible and expandable

Select from a variety of spectrometers, measure in 2π or 4π, and employ SMA fiber optics or direct connections. These are but a handful of the possible hardware choices. Make even more use of your expertise by utilizing any of our strong software analysis and automation solutions.

Fast and accurate

The GL OPTI SPHERE 205, which is meant to be an everyday tool, is a fantastic substitute for external labs or outdated equipment. On your desk, in your lab, or on the assembly line, get instantaneous laboratory-level color and radiometric accuracy.

Simplicity in design

With just a button push, users of the GL OPTI SPHERE can access all light attributes thanks to its integrated system design. Give up on complicated software and hardware and take charge of your optical development instead.


Simplified luminous flux

In order to make light measuring for individual LEDs and small LED modules easier, GL OPTI SPHERE 205 was created. Conventional systems are difficult to operate, frequently sensitive to slight physical changes, and include confusing software that makes it hard to get reliable results without the user’s intervention. Peripheral integration makes automated sequences possible, which eliminates this problem.

Reliable measurement of light

Barium sulfate (BaSO4) on the interior walls of the sphere ensures high reflectance qualities of up to 97%. With the appropriate adapter placed either directly on the sphere or via a SMA fiber-optic cable, any GL SPECTIS series spectrometer can be used with any GL Optic sphere.

GL OPTI SPHERE 205 Features

Precisely designed aperture

The port of the sphere is equipped with a precisely designed 50mm aperture which can be used in partial flux measurements of LEDs. For this application, the test LED is installed outside the sphere at a defined distance and the flux is measured inside the sphere.

CIE compliant

Measurement of LEDs compliant with CIE 127:2007 and new CIE S 025/E:2015. This sphere also complies with other global standards and all American IES LM and European EN requirements for professional LED light measurement instrumentation.

Useful accessories

There are attachments available that are appropriate for certain measuring needs. An additional light source is included in the GL OPTI SPHERE 205 to offset the test LED’s self-absorption effect.

Automated self-absorbance correction

The GL SPECTROSOFT software fully controls the integrated LED auxiliary light source to provide prompt corrections and the best outcomes.

GL OPTI SPHERE 205 Metrics

Integrated quantities

  • Total luminous flux [ lm ]
  • Radiant power [ W/nm ]
  • Total photon flux
  • PBAR and more.

Colorimetric quantities

  • Correlated color temperature – CCT and Duv
  • Color rendering indices – Ra, CRI, R1 to R14, TM-30
  • Fidelity index Rf
  • MacAdam elypses.
  • Binning
  • Color coordinates

Optional quantities*

  • Luminous Efficacy [lm/w]
  • Power Factor

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