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First fully adapted system for road lighting measurements according to the EN 13201: 2016 standard

Prior to the release of GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC, measuring luminance distribution required a lot of individuals with specialized skills to participate in a laborious, expensive, and time-consuming process. The complete measurement data required to quickly determine the brightness distribution of the chosen road and area lighting standard compliance is provided by the new image luminance measuring technology. The GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC is the world’s first solution that is completely suited for field measurements, in contrast to previous laboratory meters.
It has a thermal stabilization unit (TEC) to correct for measurement inaccuracies caused by temperature variations in the image sensor. With its hermetic housing (IP 54), you can work in the field and be ready for any weather situation without worrying about damaging your camera. It also features a battery-operated power source, which eliminates the need for portable power supplies and power generators for outside operations. Determining the measuring field and finishing the measurement procedure are made simple by the set of accessories that are offered.

Street and area lighting verified

It is quick and easy to measure airport illumination, tunnel lighting, pedestrian crossing zones, and street luminance. This high sensitivity and high resolution camera system is ready to go for instantaneous measurements of the brightness distribution in any field setting. With our top-notch image luminance measuring gadget, you may plug it in and measure whenever you need a trustworthy portable brightness test.

Road lighting compliance to EN 13201

The analysis program is user-friendly and displays the results instantly, along with whether the installation complies or does not comply with the presumptions and specifications for the road lighting class as specified by EN 13201. Additionally, the software offers a feature that no other system on the market has up to this point: the ability to generate a report at the push of a button.

Adapted for field work

With the protection of hermetic housing (IP 54), thermal stabilization, a sturdy tripod, and accessories, you can operate in any weather without worrying about damaging your camera. To keep you covered when working outside, it has features including a measuring wheel, transportation cases, measurement field markings, and a battery power supply.


Smart development programme

Working with Poznan University of Technology, the GL OPTICAM imaging luminance equipment was developed and implemented under the National Center for Research and Development Program. The project’s objective was to commercialize a measurement device that facilitates on-site assessments of luminance distribution. Though there are a lot of luminance meters on the market, all of them are made for laboratory use and aren’t really intended for measuring road luminance.

Using both spot luminance meters and an imaging luminance measuring device, the staff of the Poznań University of Technology’s Department of Light Technology and Electrothermal Energy has many years of expertise measuring brightness on highways. An objective evaluation of the road lighting installation performance is made possible by the use of an ILMD meter, which greatly simplifies measurement procedures and contributes to the acquisition of more trustworthy data.

Focusing on road lighting quality

Road brightness measurement is a difficult task. This system is ready to take measurements on the road at the location. The hermetic casing of the camera is designed to prevent mechanical damage to the lens and system. The supplied power pack and auxiliary devices enable professional field measurement, and the thermally stabilized sensor is prepared to operate in a variety of temperatures. It can be applied in many settings while preserving the precision and efficiency of the laboratory.

Measuring system that works outdoors

The system also comes with a reflective safety vest, a measuring wheel for distance measurement, a heavy-duty elevating tripod, an extra battery pack, and specially made measurement field markers. This is all assembled into travel-ready cases to form a transportable measuring stand.

Adding colorimetry

Our GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch spectroradiometer and this luminance meter can be used together to perform colorimetric testing and evaluation. Combining the spectroradiometric measurement with the luminance camera measurements is possible with our GL SPECTROSOFT. This allows us to provide complete colorimetric and spectral data for the LED product that is being tested, as well as mismatch correction for brightness values to obtain the best accuracy.

GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC Features

Plug and measure

Digital luminance camera system that is individually calibrated and preconfigured for instantaneous luminance distribution assessment. Measuring the absolute brightness level is as simple as placing this device on the tripod in front of the lighting system. The device is applicable in both laboratory and field settings.

Dedicated V- lambda filter

A carefully chosen class A optically adjusted filter is fitted to every camera to ensure the best possible brightness measurements that match the sensitivity of the human eye. Every filter has a unique optimization for every CMOS sensor.

Thermal stabilisation

Temperature variations in the image sensor are compensated for by the TEC-controlled image sensor temperature.

Adding spectrum and color

The quality control can be expanded with colorimetric values such as CCT, CRI, and many more by combining this new picture luminance camera with our spectrum instruments, such as GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch. It will also enable the measurements of multiple-color LED devices and offer an automatic filter miss-match adjustment process.

GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC Metrics

Photometric quantities

  • Point Luminance [cd/m2]
  • Luminance distribution
  • Iso candela diagram
  • Average luminance
  • Min Max diagram and tables

Spectral color quantities*

  • Correlated Color Temperature – CCT and Duv
  • Color Rendering Indices – Ra, CRI, R1 to R14
  • New rendering Rf and TM-30
  • Color Uniformity
  • Binning and color consistency
  • Spectral Power Distribution

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