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goniophotometer will improve productivity and accelerate in-house product development

Technology is always evolving, which means that there is a pressing need to accelerate product launches. This holds true for all industries, including those that produce vehicle lights. Lighting producers are choosing to construct their own laboratories in order to shorten the time it takes for their final product to reach the market, as a result of the battery of tests that exterior lamps for vehicles must pass in order for their approval.

Standard-compliant goniophotometer

In compliance with the CIE 121-1996 and IESNA LM-75-01 standards that regulate photometric and colorimetric far-field measuring systems, the GL GONIO PHOTOMETER GLG A 50-1800 has been built. It enables the measurement of photometric properties in H and V coordinates for headlights and car lamps, as well as for various signaling devices used in the aviation industry, among other applications.
The GL Optic goniophotometer is distinguished by its strong construction, intuitive interface, and excellent precision. It completes a system for the automobile sector when used in conjunction with a photometer, spectrometer, and retroreflectometer.


Compliance with international standards

The equipment of GL Optic is upgraded frequently to function in compliance with globally recognized standards. The system permits photometric testing in compliance with UN/ECE guidelines and FMVSS regulations based on SAE standards. The GLG A 50-1800 goniophotometer operates in compliance with CIE 121-1996 and IESNA LM-75-01 standards.

Reliability and accuracy

Top-notch mechatronic components from top manufacturers are used in the construction of the GLG A 50–1800 goniophotometer. This guarantees the repeatability of movements and great accuracy throughout the system. The goniophotometer’s design enables it to measure lamps with up to 50 kg of weight and 1800 mm in length (with an optional 2600 mm measurement limit).

Faster than the competition

Up to five times faster measurements can be made with the goniophotometric system when combined with the GL PHOTOMETER 3.0 LS + Flicker! The great sensitivity of the sensor and the high sample rate enable continuous on-the-fly monitoring during smooth lamp movement. The light modulation properties can be found by using the flicker measuring tool.


Increased possibilities

Designers are always striving to make lamps and headlamps more innovative and better. The advancement of LED technology is another factor that leads to the development of ever-unusual solutions. Testing at the prototyping stage is required to keep up with these advancements, ideally in-house in R&D or QC.

High-accuracy goniophotometer

The GLG A 50–1800 goniophotometer is suitable for use in authorized laboratories as well as factories. It makes it possible to rapidly collect trustworthy data for both large and tiny bulbs. The goniometer’s design permits testing of luminaires up to 50 kg in weight and 1800 mm in diameter (up to 2600 mm on special request).
Treated with absolute encoders, three motorized axes ensure measurement accuracy. A new level of productivity is guaranteed by sophisticated software and extensive automation capabilities.

Faster lamp testing

A specialized tool designed to be used with a goniometer is the GL PHOTOMETER 3.0 LS + Flicker. It provides the ability to take measurements in real time. In order to precisely determine the photometric light curve for each plane, the photometer makes many thousands of measurements per second while the goniometer arm swings at a steady pace without halting during on-fly measurement.
Furthermore, the flicker measuring capability makes it possible to ascertain the light modulation properties of emergency lights and indicators.

Color measurement is also possible

A spectroradiometer can be added to the GL Optic goniophotometric system to expand its capabilities to include color measurement. High-speed measurements of photometric and colorimetric parameters are the focus of the GL SPECTIS 1.3 LS. For simple applications and visible-range radiation measurements, it is perfect.
Advanced systems can make use of GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch. Moreover, it permits spectral investigation in the ultraviolet–near infrared spectrum.


The standard goniometric system includes:

  • Robust, accurate and programmable A-type goniometer with three motorized H, V and Z axes and mounting table, movable in x, y axes
  • Dedicated PC with GL SPECTROSOFT software
  • High-speed GL PHOTOMETER 3.0 LS + Flicker, enabling On-fly measurements and flicker characterization using PWM
  • Unique laser alignment system with mirrors to help with vertical and horizontal calibration of the system as well as faster photometric positioning of DUTs

Optional peripherals

  • GL SPECTIS 1.3 LS: spectroradiometer optimized for high-speed photometric and colorimetric measurements
  • GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch – spectroradiometer for extended spectral analysis beyond the visible range from UV to NIR in various applications
  • Power supplies and meters – available power supplies and power sources allow full electrical characterization of the DUT. Advanced power meters are also available on request
  • TEC controller – for thermal stabilization during goniometric tests
  • GL GONIO PHOTOMETER GLG A 50–1800 Metrics

    Photometric quantities

    • Light distribution
    • Luminous flux
    • Maximum brightness
    • IES and LDT files

    Colorimetric quantities

    • Color temperature, CCT and Duv
    • Color rendering index, CRI (Ra)
    • MacAdam ellipses
    • Angular color uniformity

    Other quantities

    • Luminous efficacy [lm/W]
    • Power factor cosφ
    • Temperature

GL Optic develops and produces reliable, precise and intuitively operated spectrometers and light measuring instruments and offers complete SOLUTIONS for measuring LUX, lumen, CRI, CCT, COLOR, and lum...


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