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The ultimate portable light spectrometer

an improved model of the highly popular spectral light meter GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch. This version raises the bar for portable light measuring. In addition to the wide range of standard photometric and colorimetric values available on the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch for color and intensity, this cutting-edge light spectrometer instrument can now measure flickers of light in a matter of seconds.

The best choice for flicker measurement

To monitor flicker frequency, flicker index, and flicker ratio, the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch light flicker meter now has extra circuitry and a fast photodiode. This gadget, which was created in collaboration with standards committees and industry leaders, has all the measurement amounts needed to precisely measure and comprehend flicker.

Tomorrow’s metrics are today

Flicker measurements are a great way to stay ahead of the competition with your optical testing tools. Despite being a relatively new requirement in many sectors, defining flicker will soon become standard. We’re covered with new measures like SVM and California Title 24! Visit the GL blog to learn more about flicker measurements and the new requirements.

A true all-in-one instrument

When a single portable light spectrometer can capture all of your light’s characteristics, why employ numerous measuring tools? Fewer reports need to be combined, and there are fewer devices to carry. With just a single push, you can get everything. Utilize it in the field or lab to gather flicker and spectrum data. Do you require more reporting or analytical tools? Make use of the GL SPECTROSOFT M, which is an optional item.

Flexibility for leading industry

In addition to providing a fantastic stand-alone option, the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch light flicker meter may be combined with a variety of accessories. This system covers integrating spheres and goniometers in the lab and field. With the optional optical probe, you may set up the system to monitor luminous flux, illuminance, flicker metrics, and even the luminance of LEDs.

GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker Usage

Every important metric, one device

In the UK, when Chelsea Arena erected the first “flicker-free” football stadium lighting, GL Optic was asked to supply a device that could be used as an auditing tool to check the recently installed lights. In addition to determining if the installation was flicker-free, the contractor had to assess the photometric and colorimetric parameters, such as illumination [lx], color temperature (CCT), color rendering qualities of LED (CRI), and television index (TI).

In order to improve on our current GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch, this initiative led to the development of the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker, which combines an additional electrical circuit board with a fast photodiode to record the optical flicker characteristics. The end product may be the greatest portable flicker spectroradiometer available. covering a rather large frequency range with precision comparable to certain lab instruments.

GL Optic is actively involved in a working group led by Philips (now Signify) that is responsible for creating new flicker metric standards for the industry. Because of our direct collaboration, we are able to use Philips’ reference standard to compare and assess our accuracy on a daily basis. In order to evaluate how the lighting installation can affect human visibility performance, we can also incorporate the most recent flicker measures, such as flicker index, flicker percent, and flicker frequency, along with the most recent SVM (Stroboscopic Visibility Measure), a new standard.

A portable light spectrometer with an intuitive touchscreen interface that works well in both the lab and the field is the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker meter. This gadget is unique in its own right, offering a broad suite of accessories along with a range of software analytical capabilities.

GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker Features

Reliable, precise and intuitively operated spectral instrument

The GL Spectis 1.0 Touch + Flicker meter is a spectral instrument for light measurement that is easy to use and offers dependable and accurate optical performance. Reliable light assessment is no longer limited to professionals or outside labs. Our individually calibrated, preconfigured measurement instruments produce findings quickly and accurately, and the software that comes with the package offers powerful automation and analysis features that produce meaningful results.

Spectral and photodiode measurements

Light measuring applications are the focus of the design and setup of GL Optic light spectrometers. A common add-on that makes accurate light measuring possible is the B-class cosine-corrected measurement head. The optical flicker signal response is now simultaneously recorded by adding a photodiode with quick readout electronics adjacent to the conventional diffusor. You may examine the data and the graph displaying the wave shape, height, and frequency right on the touch screen. You can even enlarge the image to see more details. The extra GL SPECTROSOFT PRO license offers additional analytical and reporting features.

Plus all of the core features of the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker

  • Self Contained Handheld Spectrometer
  • Automatic Accessory Detection
  • Dark current compensation
  • Trigger Socket
  • Photometric and Radiometric calibration

GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker Metrics

Measure light output and color together

  • Spectral power distribution SPD
  • Illumination [lx] or fc
  • Irradiance [mWatt]
  • Color: CRI, CCT, x,y

And optical flicker metrics like:

  • Flicker frequency,
  • Flicker index
  • Flicker ratio
  • SVM (Stroboscopic Visibility Measure)
  • Pst LM  (Short Term Perceptibility for light modulation) – available with GL SPECTROSOFT PRO/LAB only
  • SAM (Stroboscopic Acceptability Metric)
  • Mp (also called LRC Flicker Perception)
  • VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association)
  • JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association)
  • Flicker Graph and FFT Graph are available

And a bunch of others! Request a complete set of light-meter metrics by contacting us.

GL Optic develops and produces reliable, precise and intuitively operated spectrometers and light measuring instruments and offers complete SOLUTIONS for measuring LUX, lumen, CRI, CCT, COLOR, and lum...


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