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Handheld spectral light meter

Many light meters are just not able to provide the quick, precise measurements needed for LED and other lighting systems. Being a pioneer in the field of professional light measurement test instruments, we created the GL SPECTROLUX to be a cost-effective, user-friendly spectrometer accessible to all lighting specialists.
This simplified model is perfect for instantaneous assessment of light level and homogeneity, color temperature and coordinates, spectrum power distribution, LED color rendering, PAR/PPFD, and more. It is based on our well-liked GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch. With a laboratory-grade measurement head for exceptional precision and repeatability, each device is independently calibrated, traceable to worldwide reference standards, and establishes new industry norms for both performance and cost.

Easy lighting audits

Utilize this spectral instrument to measure lighting installations, whether new or old, on-site and to demonstrate that the installation complies with the design’s specifications.

Quality lighting products

Take charge of the caliber of your lighting components and products. When purchasing new parts, use this tool to inspect LEDs, drivers, or lenses. Why not demonstrate the benefits of your products to customers or end users using this device as a sales tool?

Simple evaluation and adjustment

This gadget makes it simple to assess and modify lighting settings when adjusting stage lighting for an accurate CCT/CRI of studio and museum lights to the appropriate lux levels. Conveniently, the portable meter has a helpful uniformity checking feature.


This portable, reasonably priced spectrometer can be used for a variety of tasks, such as assessing lighting installations, providing speedy control over LED lights and luminaires, or even helping application and sales engineers present consumers with the quantifiable benefits of contemporary lighting systems. Finally, by analyzing the installations and goods of rival companies, it may also be utilized to gain competitive insights.

Results at the touch of a button

Timeless design and cutting-edge technologies produce consistently precise outcomes in a matter of seconds. You can quickly and more accurately make judgments thanks to the LED display’s instantaneous display of all significant metrics.

Affordable spectrometer: low price, high performance

Despite being the least expensive instrument offered by GL, it comes with the best DIN Class B cosine corrected measuring head available as a standard accessory. This allows for the best possible measurement of light from the 180° measurement situation using Lambert’s Cosine Law.

Built to last

The GL SPECTROLUX illuminance light meter maintains the high caliber of its components despite its affordable pricing. These sturdy gadgets are made in Europe and are up to the demands of field audits. They are unique in their class.


Reliable, precise and intuitively operated spectral instrument

The affordable GL SPECTROLUX spectral light meter offers accurate and dependable optical performance. Reliable light measurement is no longer limited to professionals or outside labs. Our individually calibrated, preset light measurement equipment produces accurate, timely findings.

Class-leading features:

  • Self-contained handheld spectrometer
  • Dark current compensation
  • DIN Class B measurement head
  • Photometric and radiometric calibration

Powerful reporting and analysis capability

The GL SPECTROSOFT Connect program that is provided allows for basic analysis and reporting features that produce meaningful findings. Upgrade to our industry-leading GL SPECTROSOFT program to accelerate your analysis. This adaptable, user-friendly solution comes with unique features like lighting audit automation and a spectrum mixer, as well as fully customized reporting choices and expanded analytical possibilities.


The GL SPECTROLUX allows you to measure:

  • LUX: Illumination level lux [lx]
  • foot candles [fc]
  • SPD: Spectral Power Distribution from 380 to 780 nm
  • CRI: color rendering index according to CIE and IES TM30
  • CCT: Correlated Color Temperature [K]
  • Color: color coordinates according to CIE 1931
  • PAR/PPFD: Calculations of photon flux density and photosynthetically active radiation [µmol]

GL Optic develops and produces reliable, precise and intuitively operated spectrometers and light measuring instruments and offers complete SOLUTIONS for measuring LUX, lumen, CRI, CCT, COLOR, and lum...


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