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ECODESIGN requirements for lighting

The European Union put certain criteria on lighting product importers and producers in 2019 with the introduction of Directive 2009/125/EC, also referred to as ECODESIGN. These requirements must be fulfilled for items to be sold in the EU. Reducing the number of subpar products available in the EU is the project’s primary objective.
A new product needs to be registered in the EPREL database before it can be made available for purchase. A matching energy-efficiency label is created and needs to be prominently displayed for the client and put on the package.

Easier entry of products into the EPREL database

Even after the EPREL database has been up and running for a while, product registration issues persist. The required tests must be completed and the results imported into an.xml file in a format that is rigorously defined in order to register a product. The EPREL database is currently difficult to use and requires a lot of time to enter data.
In response to the demands of lighting producers and importers, we have developed a GL SPECTROSOFT software add-on that expedites the introduction of products for sale. The measurement results will be automatically saved by GL EPREL ADD-ON in the appropriate format and exported to a file that can be imported into the EPREL database. Don’t waste time; outfit your lab with the EPREL add-on.

Measurements in accordance with the requirements European standards

The GL SPECTROSOFT software add-on has been designed in compliance with the EU Directive 2019/125/EC criteria. The application saves all data as a suitable report in the.xml format and automatically determines the values of every parameter required to register the product in the EPREL database.

Importing to EPREL is as easy as never before

Thus far, the EPREL database’s product registration procedure has necessitated laborious and intricate manual labor. All it takes to create a comprehensive report that is ready for import into the EPREL database is one click with the EPREL Product Registration Add-On. Really, registering your product in the EPREL database will only take a few minutes.

Define, quantify, import, store, and execute.

Compatible with existing GL OPTIC systems

Test stands for GL EPREL Product Registration ADD-ON can be readily modified by laboratories with GL OPTIC measurement equipment to enable completely ECODESIGN-compliant measurements. Assemble the measuring tools your lab needs and take advantage of the opportunities the EPREL ADD-ON add-on presents.


A guide in the process of registering light sources in the EPREL database

The program for the GL EPREL Product Registration Add-On is highly user-friendly. It walks the user through the process of creating a comprehensive report step-by-step and saves the measurement findings as a bundle.
The add-on can be used without the need for specialized knowledge. The entire procedure consists of completing a form with the tested source’s technical specifications, which must be entered in compliance with ECODESIGN guidelines. The application makes measurements and does additional computations in order to produce a report that is ready to be saved.

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