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RETROREFLECTOMETER: to measure the reflective properties and color parameters of the illuminated surface

Manufacturers of reflectors and other reflecting surfaces are required by the CIE 54.2 and EN 12899 standards to test the reflection values and ascertain the color coordinates of the lighted surface.
In order to simulate scenarios when vehicle lights shine, such as road signs, and the reflected light returns to the driver’s view, GL RETROREFLECTOMETER 4.0 SRS emits light onto the reflecting surface and gathers information about the reflected light.
A high-sensitivity monochromator is used, which makes the entire measurement incredibly exact and quick—just a few seconds!

Measurements in accordance with requirements of international standards

The design of GL RETROREFLECTOMETER 4.0 SRS complies with CIE 54.2, which specifies acceptable reflectance measurement techniques. With the GL Optic reflectometer, you may conduct tests in compliance with EN 12899 for road sign measuring as well as the ECE R3, ECE R27, ECE R48, and FMVSS 10 standards.

Highest precision and wide measurement range

The reflectometer’s A-type halogen illuminator (2856 K) makes it possible to precisely determine color parameters. Another option is to imitate different illuminants.
On the other hand, great sensitivity and consistent, lightning-quick measurement times are ensured by the fast monochromator.

Full information about properties optical reflected radiation

Spectral matching filters have the potential to introduce mistakes and have a detrimental impact on measurement precision. Higher measurement precision is achieved, particularly in the red and blue range, by the GL Optic retroreflectometer’s lack of a spectrum matching filter to the sensitivity of the human eye V(λ).


The GLG A 50–1800 goniometer is the exclusive focus of GL RETROREFLECTOMETER 4.0 SRS. A comprehensive measuring system for vehicle reflectors, warning triangles, road signs, and all varieties of reflective tape is produced by combining these two devices.
Finding the ratio of reflected light to surface illumination intensity (CIL) and the x and y color chromaticity coordinates are the fundamental uses of a retroreflectometer.

Fast monochromator expand possibilities

The rapid monochromator used by the GL Optic device sets it apart from other options. This technique removed the requirement for V (lambda) spectral correction filters, which prevent mistakes due to mismatches between the characteristics of the filters and allow photometric parameters to be determined based on measurement for different kinds of illumination.

Using a monochromator enables the examination of variations in the spectral properties of reflecting coatings as well as the extension of the measurement results’ range by several parameters derived from the reflected light’s spectral distribution.


Measurements in line with requirements and more

For road sign measurements, items are tested on the H, V, or epsilon axes in compliance with the standards’ requirements.
Apart from the standard-required measurement of color chromaticity coordinates (x and y), the GL Optic retroreflectometer may concurrently measure numerous other color characteristics.

Fast and reliable

In the visible range, a single measurement takes only two seconds!
The gadget is shielded from a reduction in measurement accuracy caused by the aging of the light source that illuminates the surface being examined by the implemented age compensation technology.

More possibilities

It is feasible to test parameters for illuminants other than the default illuminant A because of the utilization of the spectral measuring approach.


Our individually calibrated, preconfigured equipment provide quick and accurate results for almost any realistic light measuring application. With the software that comes with it, you can measure in a matter of seconds and examine the data.

Using the GL RETROREFLECTOMETER 4.0 SRS, you can measure any or all of the following optical quantities:

    • CIL
    • Chromaticity cooridnates x, y
    • CCT c– the color temperature according to standard CIE
    • Duv
    • Full spectral distribution in the visible range
      +many more!

GL Optic ontwikkelt en produceert betrouwbare, nauwkeurige en intuïtief te bedienen spectrometers, en lichtmeetinstrumenten met oplossingen voor het meten van LUX, lumen, CRI, CCT, COLOR en luminanti...


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