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Reliable and stable surface temperature control

Stabilized power supplies and consistent, dependable conditions for LED module surface temperatures are mandated by new industry requirements. Because of this, it becomes necessary to simulate different LED operating temperatures or to control and stabilize the temperature of high-power LEDs during the measurements. Lighting designers and manufacturers are compelled by new test standards like CIE S 025/E:2015 to prioritize heat control.
A novel approach that ensures comprehensive temperature management and control for LED module measurements is the GL TEC Control System. It is a well-coordinated combination of components that comprises a spectrometer, an integrated sphere, a programmable power supply, and advanced software.

Integrated solution

The lab-grade GL SPECTIS 6.0 spectrometer and the state-of-the-art TEC controller-connected TEC Mount with Peltier element for heating or cooling are part of the turnkey system. Both are then linked to a programmable power supply and an integrating sphere called GL OPTI SPHERE 500, which are managed by Spectrosoft.

High-precision monitoring and control

The module can replicate almost any operational temperature and establish steady measurement conditions. GL AUTOMATION is a potent utility included in the GL SPECTROSOFT software suite that controls heat.

A wide range of luminaires

With a maximum load of more than 30 kg and a maximum diameter dimension of 1800 mm, the GLG 30-1800 will meet the majority of testing requirements. Possess a variety of big and tiny fixtures? Not an issue. With no mechanical adjustments, the device is able to precisely define both large and tiny fixtures.

GL TEC Control System Usage

Control your temperature

New LED drivers, LED chips, and lights are tested and developed in development labs using the GL TEC Control System. The module can replicate almost any operating temperature and establish stable measuring circumstances thanks to its high-precision temperature monitoring and control system. GL AUTOMATION is a potent utility included in the GL SPECTROSOFT software suite that controls heat. It is used to organize, execute, and keep track of automated test scenarios. as well as to operate all of the linked instrumentation.

GL-TEC Control System Features

Thermal stabilization of LED modules

  • Measurement of luminous flux and color at 25°C
  • 85°C junction temperature measurement according to IES LM standards

Simulation of different temperatures

  • Any working temperature simulation between 5 and 85°C
  • Automatic changes of setting and measurements
  • Additional probes for Tp point measurements
*Different sizes and thermal capacity mounts are available.

GL Optic ontwikkelt en produceert betrouwbare, nauwkeurige en intuïtief te bedienen spectrometers, en lichtmeetinstrumenten met oplossingen voor het meten van LUX, lumen, CRI, CCT, COLOR en luminanti...


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