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A revolution in luminance and color measurements

A novel luminance and color distribution measurement tool available on the market is the GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC image luminance camera. The combination of image luminance and color measurement with measurements from an integrated spectroradiometer covering the ultraviolet to near-infrared regions is a new development in the industry. The GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC is not your typical image luminance camera because it consists of two independent devices housed in one container. Spectral power distribution measurements provide a wealth of additional information about the thing being studied.

Matrix spectral sensitivity correction

Matrix spectral sensitivity adjustment is used by GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC to enable accurate colorimetric data capture. Modular technology has made it possible to obtain spectral distribution and radiance data in the chosen regions of interest while accounting for the proper spectral efficiency.
The device may be used with ease and dependability thanks to dedicated GL OPTICAM SOFT M image processing software, which also facilitates fast processing and evaluation of the data obtained by the imaging luminance and color meter. A report that can be customized can be created based on the analysis results. The new software makes it possible to create a smooth workflow, which significantly streamlines the otherwise difficult measuring and analysis procedure.

Automatic lens detection

For quick measurements of brightness and color distribution in both lab and production settings, this camera system is already set up. When installed lenses are detected by the device, it instantly chooses the correct calibration file. With our plug-and-measure imaging luminance camera for LEDs and other light sources, you can now quickly and accurately examine the luminance distribution of your light sources.

Sequential measurement

Higher signal levels are guaranteed by a special sequential measurement technique compared to methods that make use of simple optical filters or beam splitters.

Additional features of the GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC, such an integrated depolarizer, encourage a greater dynamic range and guarantee that the system is prepared to handle the difficulties involved in measuring displays.

Simplify production testing

A stable luminance testing solution is necessary for the optical performance of instrument clusters, backlit buttons, and displays. It is necessary for developers, designers, and quality engineers to confirm light leakage, brightness distribution, contrasts, and homogeneity. This innovative optical tool makes it simple and accurate to verify all touch-screen control panels, backlit buttons, displays, keyboards, and telltale lights in R&D and production.


Imaging Luminance & Color Meter

High-resolution and high-sensitivity measurements of brightness and color distribution parameters are possible with the GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC. GL Optic’s newest equipment allows for fast verification of an individual element’s uniformity of brightness, chromatic cooridinates, and CCT.

Evaluation and characterization of displays

Manufacturers of displays and individual components must test their goods at different phases of the manufacturing process. With its integrated spectroradiometer and image luminance camera, the new GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC is a comprehensive solution that enables accurate luminance and color distribution measurement in a matter of seconds. It is an ideal tool for many industries, particularly the automotive, aviation, and display production sectors, but it can also be used for quality control in general illumination.

When color matters

Using a luminance camera and a separate colorimeter is no longer necessary. When various color LEDs are used in a lighting fixture or electrical board, the GL Optic breakthrough color camera can effortlessly deliver complete colorimetric and spectral data with great precision.

GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC Features

Blue light hazard measurements

The spectral measurement of the backlighting, the blue light hazard weighted function, and the corrected luminance measurements enable BLH assessment for each point of the tested object based on the LB value.

Precise measuring of x,y coordinates next to L for each pixel

A sensitivity adjustment is applied to each pixel of the image based on spectral measurements of the backlighting sources. This yields an accurate reading of color coordinates at each location on the measured display.

GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC Metrics

Using the GL OPITCAM 4.0 M SC, you can measure all of the following quantities:

Photometric quantities

  • Point luminance [cd/m2]
  • Luminance distribution, contrast
  • Isocandela diagram
  • Average, mean luminance
  • Min Max diagram and tables

Colorimetric quantities

  • Correlated Color Temperature – CCT and Duv
  • Color Rendering Indices –  CRI, R1 to R14
  • TM-30 – Rf, Rg, CVG
  • Color uniformity
  • Binning and color consistency
  • Spectral power distribution

GL Optic ontwikkelt en produceert betrouwbare, nauwkeurige en intuïtief te bedienen spectrometers, en lichtmeetinstrumenten met oplossingen voor het meten van LUX, lumen, CRI, CCT, COLOR en luminanti...


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