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Benchtop light goniometer for small LED lamps, modules, and components.

A compact system for measuring light intensity distribution, luminous flux, and color.

The easy-to-use GL Optic system combines the functionality of a goniophotometer with the features of a spectroradiometer to measure the luminous flux, determine the light intensity distribution values of colorimetric parameters required by international standards.
The new GLG 8-850 goniometer is a top-of-the-range benchtop goniometer designed to measure LED modules and smaller luminaires and to test components.
The automated system allows to measurement of devices weighing up to 8 kg and with a diameter of 850 mm.  The system with computer and GL Spectrosoft add-on software, enables measurements with an angular resolution of 0.1° and in the angular range of the C axis and λ +/- 180°.


  • Small in size, big in capability
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Accelerate product development
  • C-type optical goniometer in C-γ coordinates
  • Optical axis in horizontal direction
  • Angular measurement of luminous intensity
  • Luminous flux measurements
  • LDT and IES file generation

Optional functions:

  • Class L  (according to DIN 5032) laboratory photometer
  • Current or power source and power meter
  • TEC control or temperature measurement
  • Type A conversion kit available


GL Optic ontwikkelt en produceert betrouwbare, nauwkeurige en intuïtief te bedienen spectrometers, en lichtmeetinstrumenten met oplossingen voor het meten van LUX, lumen, CRI, CCT, COLOR en luminanti...