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Blue and Ultraviolet Silicon Sensors (series 1)

Series 1 photodiodes offer a broadband spectral response extending into the UV region. The series is particularly intended for applications from 250 to 430 nm where high levels of illumination occur. The detectors may be operated with reverse bias up to 10 volts or in the photovoltaic mode for best signal to noise performance. And are particularly suitable for monitoring the operation of UV lamps.


  • Bias: 0-10V
  • Response: 250-1064nm
  • Responsivity (250nm): 0.12 A/W
  • Responsivity (436nm): 0.16 A/W
  • Technology: pn junction

UV Enhanced Detector (series 7)

Series 7  Super UV Photodiodes compliment Series 1* and primarily designed for application in the 194-400 nm range where high shunt resistance and maximum sensitivity are needed. These detectors are available in a range of standard packages with a choice of window material to suit specific applications.


  • Bias:0V
  • Response: 200-1100nm
  • Responsivity (245nm): 0.1 A/W
  • Responsivity (340nm): 0.5 A/W
  • Technology:
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Datasheet Blue and Ultraviolet Silicon Sensors (series 1) - Centronic EO

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