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Centronic designed the Infra-red Silicon Sensors, 3T series photodetectors specifically designed for high speed, infra-red laser pulse detection. The detector structure is fully depleted at 60 volts reverse bias and uses high resistivity silicon to achieve very low capacitance.

The detectors offer high responsivity in the 800-1000 nm range but are equally suited to high speed application at longer wavelengths where maximum absolute responsivity is not as important as speed of response.


  • Bias of 60V
  • Response of 400 to 1.100 nm
  • Responsivity (at 900 nm) of 0,61 A/W
  • Technology: pn fully depleted

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Centronic is based in Croydon (near London) and has more than 30 years experience in developing and manufacturing sensor solutions for measuring or detection of photonic and ionising radiation. The co...


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