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Imaging Luminance Meter for precise testing

This high resolution and high sensitivity camera system is preconfigured for immediate luminance measurements in the laboratory, production or field application. When fast and precise luminance testing is needed, you can simply plug and measure with our imaging luminance camera for LED and other light sources. Each luminance camera is equipped with V(λ) optimized filter and individually calibrated. Simplify production testing
LED module manufacturing requires quick and dependable optical system for luminance quality control. This Imaging Luminance Meter can be integrated into production inline and off line testers for LED modules, displays and instrument cluster testing providing reliable and practical data for pass fail production monitoring systems.
Demanding measurements made easy The GL opticam, supported by the GL OPTICAM SOFT analytical software, allows the user to set and measure different objects in no time. Simply plug this calibrated imaging luminance meter to your PC, where you can monitor the image and set parameters and measure the luminance simply by recording the image of the device user test of luminance scene. The analytical software will detect default areas of interest, show luminance level, histograms and will immediately display other useful data. The system helps to analyze specific details and regions and even provide necessary corrections. This instrument provides absolute luminance accuracy just like a typical laboratory device. When luminance and color matters When the lighting fixture or electronic board is using different color LEDs, the GL Opticam can be combined with the GL Spectis to support luminance, color test and evaluation. The GL Spectrosoft features an option to combine the measurements from the luminance camera with the spectroradiometric measurement. As result you will be able to provide mismatch correction for luminance values to get the highest accuracy and provide all colorimetric and spectral data.

GL Optic develops and produces reliable, precise and intuitively operated spectrometers and light measuring instruments and offers complete SOLUTIONS for measuring LUX, lumen, CRI, CCT, COLOR, and lum...


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GL Opticam 1.0, PEOnised Datasheet

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