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Minimize errors and maximize efficiency

LED light measurement is becoming more diverse than only optical testing; reporting and measurement are now needed for thermal conditions, current, and power levels. The GL Spectrosoft Automation add-on reduces mistakes brought on by misalignment of the equipment, automates complex tasks, and speeds up and supplements measurements of other data (such as temperature, luminous efficacy, etc.).
This revolutionary supplementary software communicates with and runs all linked devices, eliminating the need to set up parameters for each one separately. It is the ideal instrument for both commercial applications and laboratories with intricate procedures.

Set operation sequences

Using programmable peripheral devices, it is simple to setup an entire sequence of operations, including cooling temperature, current, and voltage, before a measurement. Select the appropriate measurement options from the available operations list and write a measurement script that the software will run automatically.

Data fusion

Gather information from other sources and compile all of your important data into a measurement report. Just specify parameters, determine whether temperature or current have an impact on how well your lighting product works, and produce a thorough analysis summary.

Automate complex operations

Temperature controllers, multimeters, current sources, and programmable power supplies are all supported by the GL AUTOMATION add-on. The automation script editor can now be used to monitor and measure various current levels or temperature conditions. To have your own device’s custom integrations developed, choose from a list of supported devices.

GL AUTOMATION add-on Usage

Other factors that have a big impact on LED performance are given a lot of attention in the most recent industry standards and guidelines for accurate LED measuring. These are mostly used to monitor electrical properties like voltage and current, as well as thermal performance. For this reason, in addition to temperature and stable, monitored power parameters, current LED testing now incorporates optical measurements. Spectrosoft Automation was designed with the express purpose of managing these intricate testing processes and facilitating communication with various instruments, all while offering the operator a single interface and report interface.

Write your script and go

Building a custom measurement script only requires using the drag-and-drop interface and choosing the logical sequence from the list of available commands in the automation editor window once all of the devices that are supported by the automation software have been connected. These scripts could configure your lamp’s power supply’s beginning parameters, your spectrometer’s measurement parameters, and readings from an independent power meter, among other things.

Change the current and test

You can use various current levels and test the optical output of your lighting goods under various circumstances while conducting performance tests and measurements. Your measurement sequence will be built with the software’s assistance, and all data will be stored in easily navigable, personalized reports.

Simulate different temperatures

Automation is compatible with Peltier-controlled LED mounts (TEC), which are needed by CIE standards and are capable of stabilizing the LED module at a specific temperature, such as 25 °C. Additionally, it can replicate greater “working” temperatures, which are necessary for LED module tests and measurements according to IES LM requirements. It’s as easy as entering the parameters and steps list into the editor. This PC interface allows you to control, switch, and measure a variety of parameters without the need to be a programmer.

GL AUTOMATION add-on Specifications

Devices supported by GL AUTOMATION add-on

Temperature Control

  • Arroyo TEC Source controllers.
Tested with Arroyo 5300-08-24 8A / 24V TEC Source

Digital thermometer

  • Digital thermometers for GL Opti Sphere

Power meter

  • Gossen MetraHit Energy multimeter

GL Sphere Controller

  • GL Optic Sphere controller box.

Power supply

  • HEIDEN ACS AC power supply
  • ITECH IT6333b DC power supply
  • ITECH IT7321 AC power supply
  • IT7322 AC power supply
  • IT7324 AC power supply
  • IT7326 AC power supply
  • Manson SDP is a simple DC power supply
  • Manson SSP is a simple DC power supply
  • TDK Lambda DC power supply family, including TDK Lambda Genesys, TDK Lambda Z+, and TDK Lambda ZUP
Note: Integration of new devices is available upon request.

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