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Luminous flux of large LED lamps and luminaires

Large integrating sphere sets called GL OPTI SPHERE 1500, 2000, and 3000 are made specifically for measuring the luminous flux, radiant power, and color of large LED luminaires and modules. These systems support testing that complies with LM79 and also meet the recommendations stated in the CIE 127:2007 Technical Report by the CIE Technical Committee.
The sphere’s size and the side-opening mechanism make it simple to install a range of light sources with the help of extra adapters or holders, providing complete measuring versatility. This system may be outfitted with any of our high-performance spectrometers along with robust automation and analysis software, just like all of our integrating sphere systems, to provide a fully turnkey system that is simple to use for everyone.

Mount and measure

A mechanical stage that can be modified to accommodate a wide variety of lights and LED module types is included with the GL OPTI SPHERE as standard equipment. It is simple to install various A-type goods thanks to an optional lamp post that is positioned in the center of the sphere. The sphere can be connected to any of our high-performance light spectrometers, and when they are attached to the detector port, the program immediately detects them. Just load the light and leave the rest to the program.

Large LED luminaires

Optimal for combining sphere measurements of big light fixtures, the sphere is offered with various diameters of 1,5 m, 2 m, and 3 m. Utilized across various sectors and adjusted in accordance with national benchmarks, the GL LARGE OPTI SPHERES provides remarkable worth in a market dominated by either inexpensive, subpar equipment or systems that are too expensive for the majority of expanding businesses.

Adaptable to your needs

You can choose the ideal spectral range and features to suit your needs and budget from a variety of light spectrometers and accessories for the GL LARGE OPTI SPHERES. This, along with our robust GL SPECTROSOFT software and GL AUTOMATION add-on, creates a fully functional test station that is simple to operate and allows anyone to get precise, repeatable results.


Measure, launch, and grow.

An affordable, precise, and user-friendly method for testing and measuring big luminaires during development and as a quality control measure in production is becoming more and more necessary as the number of businesses producing commercial lighting fixtures rises. To fill this demand, the GL OPTI SPHERE 1500, 2000, and 3000 integrating spheres were created, providing a fully turnkey solution for all of your light measurement requirements, no matter how big or little.

Excellent light flux and color accuracy are provided by the GL Optic big integrating sphere without the operational complexity of traditional photometric test equipment. It is not necessary to have a large, dark lab or a dedicated metrologist. In little time at all, set up the system and begin assessing your lighting. The fact that you can simply open the sphere, place the lamp inside, and measure is appreciated by our customers. This sphere has all the parts and accessories you require, and the GL SPECTROSOFT software interface will assist you in doing the task correctly.

A laboratory of your own

For rapid quality control, this equipment works equally well in production labs, accredited laboratory settings, and R&D. For LM79 light measurement applications, the GL LARGE OPTI SPHERE is a great option when using outside labs becomes too costly or time-consuming.

Instant customized reports

Install, measure, and use our GL SPECTROSOFT package to create customized results right away. The measurement tool, an additional light source, and optional peripheral devices like TEC controllers or programmable and stable power supplies will all be managed by this analytical software. These can all be found in a single comprehensive measurement report.

GL OPTI SPHERE 2000 Features

Specially designed 660 mm entrance aperture

Front-emitting diodes can be measured in 2π geometry at the wall entrance in accordance with CIE standards, whilst other sources of light with broader emission can be measured in 4π geometry at the center of the sphere. A 660 mm entry aperture that was specifically created for the 2 m sphere’s entrance can be utilized for calibration. Specific measurement conditions may require the installation of additional gear.

Auxiliary light source

An additional light source has been added to the GL OPTI SPHERE 2000 to offset the self-absorbance of DUTs and achieve optimal measurement accuracy.

GL OPTI SPHERE 2000 Metrics

Integrated quantities

  • Total Luminous Flux [ lm ]
  • Radiant power [ W/nm ]
  • Total Photon Flux
  • PBAR and more.

Colorimetric quantities

  • Correlated Color Temperature: CCT and Duv
  • Color Rendering Indices: Ra, CRI, R1 to R15, TM-30
  • Fidelity index (Rf)
  • MacAdam Ellipses.
  • Binning
  • Color coordinates

Optional quantities*

  • Luminous Efficacy [lm/w]
  • Power Factor
  • Temperature Tp Tamb, etc

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