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The SiTek One-dimensional PSD (Position Sensing Detector) has high resolution, fast response and outstanding linearity. The spectral range covers the region 400 – 1100 nm. Thanks to SiTek’s proprietary AR-coating, optimized around 860 nm, a reflection loss of only 2% is achieved around the responsivity peak. There is also an UV version available. The UV PSD is a detector optimized for use in the UV wavelength region 200-400 nm, although its spectral response reaches up to 1100 nm.

One-dimensional PSD features

  • converts the position of a light or radiation spot into signal currents
  • outstanding position resolution and linearity
  • wide range of spectral response
  • works with a wide range of light or radiation intensities
  • fast response time (1 MHz!)
  • measures light or radiation intensity and position simultaneously
  • independent of light or radiation spot focus
  • high dynamic range



Position non-linearity: +/-0.1% Detector resistance: 50 kohmPart. No DescriptionActive areaPackageS1-00011L2.5_CP22,5×0,6 mm14-pin DILS1-00651L2.5_CP12,5×0,6 mm4-pin DILS1-00031L5_CP25,0x1,0 mm14-pin DILS1-00091L5_CP15,0x1,0 mm4-pin DILS1-00051L10_CP210,0x2,0 mm14-pin DILS1-023610,0×2,0 mm1L10_SU70SMDS1-0006 1L20_CP320,0x3,0 mm22-pin DILS1-00071L30_SU230,0x4,0 mmsubstrateS1-02471L45_SU6945,0x3,0 mmsubstrateS1-024860,0×3,0 mm1L60_SU34substrate

PSD with stray-light elimination

Position non-linearity +/-0.1% Detector resistance 200 kohmPart. No DescriptionActive areaPackageS1-00901L5NT_CP15,0x0,25 mm4-pin DILS1-0061L5NT_CP25,0x0,25 mm14-pin DILS1-0067 1L10NT_CP210,0x0,5 mm14-pin DIL

PSD with Enhanced UV respons

Part. No DescriptionActive areaPackageS1-00721L2,5UV_CP22,5×0,6 mm14-pin DILS1-00321L5UV_CP25,0x1,0 mm14-pin DILS1-00731L10UV_CP210,0x2,0 mm14-pin DILS1-00741L20UV_CP320,0x3,0 mm14-pin DILS1-0034 1L30UV_SU2 30,0×4,0 mmsubstrate Contact one of our product specialists or check the PSD application areas. Learn about the PSD in the PSD school

SiTek Electro-Optics, manufacturer of Position Sensitive Detectors (PSD) was founded under the name Sitek Laboratories in 1976 as a spin-off from Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg Sweden. Th...


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General PSD Datasheet

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