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In order to facilitate the operation of SiTek PSD’s, they have developed a dedicated SPC-PSD (signal processing circuit). All components necessary to obtain the sum and difference signals from a two- or one-dimensional PSD have been concentrated on a 20,5 x 20,5 mm2 thick film substrate.

SPC-PSD features

  • analogue voltage outputs of all sum and differential signals from one- and two-dimensional PSD’s
  • laser trimmed resistors
  • inputs for external adjustment of offset voltages
  • good thermal tracking
  • small size
  • allows custom designed specifications
  • evaluation board available

For more information on the applications of PSDs, read this PEO article.

1-dimensional SPC

Part. NoDescriptionActive areaS1-02571L2.5_SU74_SPC012.5×0.6S1-02711L2,5_SU74_SPC022.5×0.6S1-02311L5_SU74_SPC015x1S1-02721L5_SU74_SP025x1S1-02221L10_SU74_SPC0110x2S1-02731L10_SU74_SPC0210x2

2-dimensional SPC

Part. NoDescriptionActive areaS2-01782L2_SU75_SPC012x2S2-02442L2_SU75_SP022x2S2-02092L4_SU66_SPC014x4S2-02452L4_SU66_SP024x4S2-01712L10_SU65_SPC0110x10S2-02462L10_SU65_SP0210x10


Decorative image of Computer chip

SPC-PSD Evaluation Board

In order to simplify the set up of our popular signal processing circuits in an optical system SiTek now releases an SPC-PSD Evaluation Board.

The Evaluation Board can easily be mounted on an optical table by using a standard 2” filter holder or screwed to for example an XYZ stage by using M6 screws. The board includes offset compensation electronics and a 14-pin connector that makes the inputs and outputs easily accessible.

Evaluation boards for both the J-lead and the DIL version are available and, as all of our products, they are of course RoHS compliant.

Part. NoDescription: SE-0012SPC01 Evaluation Board, SE-0013SPC02 Evaluation Board

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SiTek Electro-Optics, manufacturer of Position Sensitive Detectors (PSD) was founded under the name Sitek Laboratories in 1976 as a spin-off from Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg Sweden. Th...


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Datasheet SPC-PSD - SiTek

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